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ART has a southern African footprint, with a strong presence in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa and manufactures and distributes products in three key categories paper products, stationery and batteries. ART has interests in timber plantations and forestry resources management service and is a subsidiary of Taesung Chemical Company Limited.
Registered address

202 Seke Road, Box 2777, Graniteside, Harare

Contact number

+263 242 770097



Fiscal Year End


Group Chief Executive Officer

Milton Pedzi Macheka


Dr. Thomas Utete Wushe





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ZWL cents 0.00 / 0.00%

1,133.33 - 6,900.00



Thursday, 7th December 2023

162 million

Year on Year (ZWL)

Thursday, 7th December 2023  E.O.D.

Sales ZWL cents -
Value ZWL 0.00
Volume 0
Market cap ZWL 30,308,922,048
Shares issued 473,576,907

Financial statements ratios and analysis (* TTM)

P/E ratio -19.50
Div. yield 0.00%
EPS -328.17
P/B ratio 1.64
EV / EBITDA 17.29

ZWL 19.6 billion

Revenue for FY 2022
Net Income


EBITDA Margin for FY 2022

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Title Type Published
ART Holdings Limited - Trading Update for the Third Quarter to June 2023CA, Earnings, Trading update2023-08-18
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ART Holdings Limited - Trading Update for Q1 to 31 December 2022CA, Earnings2023-02-08
Art Holdings Limited - Notice of the 21st AGM to be held on 09 March 2023CA, AGM2023-02-08
ART Holdings Limited - Audited Abridged Financial Results FYE 30 September 2022CA, Earnings2022-12-09
ART Holdings Limited - Appointment of Mr. Tae In Baik as Non-Executive DirectorCA2022-12-02
ART Holdings Limited - Death notice of Mr Young Chul BaikCA2022-09-28
ART Holdings Limited releases its Q3 2022 Trading UpdateCA, Earnings2022-08-15
ART Holdings Limited appoints Mr. Steven Mupfurutsa to the BoardCA2022-08-15
Art Holdings Limited - Abridged Reviewed Financial Results for HYE 31 March 2022CA, Earnings2022-06-07
ART Holdings Q1 2022 export volumes grew by 78%, resulting in a 73% increase in foreign currency receiptsCA, Earnings2022-02-16
ART Holdings Limited - FY2021 Group inflation adjusted revenue up 27%CA, Earnings2022-02-11
ART Holdings Limited | Notice of Annual General MeetingCA, AGM2022-02-11
ART Holdings Limited - FY2021 Group sales volumes recovered across all the divisions, an overall increase of 30%CA, Earnings2021-12-09
ART Holdings Limited (Zimbabwe) migrates to ZSE DepositoryCA2021-10-22
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ART Holdings revenue up 23% in Q1 to December 2020 in inflation adjusted terms, 483% in historical termsCA, Earnings2021-02-15
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ART Holdings (Zimbabwe) | HY2020 Group revenues up by 97%Articles, CA, Earnings2020-09-11
ART Holdings (Zimbabwe) | Q3 Group revenues grew by 132%CA, Earnings2020-08-13
ART Holdings Limited 2020 first quarter revenue up by 83%CA, Earnings2020-02-12
ART Holdings Limited to hold its 18th AGM on the 27th of February 2020CA2020-01-30
ART Holdings volumes reducing by 18% on average across the business unitsArticles, CA, Earnings2019-12-18
ART Holdings to hold its Annual report presentation on 17th December 2019CA2019-12-16
ART Corporation (Zimbabwe) records a 40% growth in revenue to $46.9m for Full Year 2018Analysis2019-03-29
ART Holdings (Zimbabwe) sets 27 February as its 17th AGM dateAGM2019-02-07

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Type Year Description Published
Interim report20232023 Interim report for the first quarter2023-12-06
Interim report20232023 Interim report for the third quarter2023-08-18
Interim report20232023 Interim report for the half year2023-06-20
Annual report20222022 Annual report2023-02-10
Abridged results20222022 Abridged results2022-12-09
Interim report2022Q3 2022 Trading Update2022-08-15
Interim report20222022 Interim report for the half year2022-06-06
Interim report2022Trading Update: 1st Quarter Ended 31 December 20212022-02-16
Annual report20212021 Annual report2022-02-11
Abridged results20212021 Abridged results2021-12-08
Interim report2021Q3 2021 Trading Update2021-08-13
Interim report20212021 Interim report for the half year2021-06-01
Circular2021Announcement to Shareholders: Acquisition of 50% issued share capital of Softex Tissue Products (Private) Limited2021-05-08
Annual report20202020 Annual report2021-02-16
Interim report2021Q1 2021 Trading Update2021-02-15
Abridged results20202020 Abridged results2020-12-02
Interim report20202020 Interim report for the half year2020-09-11
Interim report2020Q3 2020 Trading Update2020-08-13
Interim report2020Q1 2020 Trading Update2020-02-13
Annual report20192019 Annual report2020-02-06
Abridged results20192019 Abridged results2019-12-18
Interim report20192019 Interim report for the half year2019-06-27
Annual report20182018 Annual report2019-03-29
Abridged results20182018 Abridged results2018-12-14
Interim report20182018 Interim report for the half year2018-11-30
Abridged results20172017 Abridged results2017-12-18
Annual report20172017 Annual report2017-12-18
Interim report20172017 Interim report for the half year2017-05-23
Annual report20162016 Annual report2016-11-30
Abridged results20162016 Abridged results2016-11-30
Interim report20162016 Interim report for the half year2016-05-27
Abridged results20152015 Abridged results2015-11-26
Interim report20152015 Interim report for the half year2015-06-11
Abridged results20142014 Abridged results2014-01-01
Interim report20142014 Interim report for the half year2014-01-01
Annual report20132013 Annual report2013-01-01
Interim report20132013 Interim report for the half year2013-01-01
Abridged results20132013 Abridged results2013-01-01
Interim report20122012 Interim report for the half year2012-01-01
Abridged results20122012 Abridged results2012-01-01
Interim report20112011 Interim report for the half year2011-01-01
Abridged results20112011 Abridged results2011-01-01
Annual report20112011 Annual report2011-01-01
Annual report20102010 Annual report2010-01-01
Interim report20102010 Interim report for the half year2010-01-01
Annual report20092009 Annual report2009-01-01
Interim report20092009 Interim report for the half year2009-01-01
Annual report20082008 Annual report2008-01-01
Annual report20072007 Annual report2007-01-01
Annual report20062006 Annual report2006-01-01
Annual report20052005 Annual report2005-01-01
Annual report20042004 Annual report2004-01-01
Annual report20032003 Annual report2003-01-01
Annual report20022002 Annual report2002-01-01
Annual report20012001 Annual report2001-01-01
Annual report19991999 Annual report1999-01-01
Annual report19981998 Annual report1998-01-01
Annual report19971997 Annual report1997-01-01
Annual report19961996 Annual report1996-01-01
Annual report19951995 Annual report1995-01-01

All values in ZWL

Attributable PAT1,455,917,000-2,512,540,000821,416,000761,376,00024,622,000
Shareholders funds18,436,196,00011,629,922,0003,681,306,0002,671,116,00091,996,000
Cash on hand197,186,000203,700,00079,713,00050,818,0008,793,000
Interest bearing debt5,111,376,0001,352,785,000253,760,000180,503,00029,596,000
Net current assets-1,650,764,000490,655,000184,069,000238,734,0006,523,000
Chairman Dr. Thomas Utete Wushe
Group Chief Executive Officer Milton Pedzi Macheka
Company Secretary Abisai M. Chingwecha
Transfer Secretary Corpserve Registrars (Pvt) Ltd (zw)
Milton Pedzi Macheka (Group Chief Executive Officer)
Abisai M. Chingwecha (Chief Finance Officer)
Dr. Thomas Utete Wushe (Chairman)
Michael Oakley
Steven Mupfurutsa
Tae In Baik

December 2022

Name Holding Percentage
CRANBAL INVESTMENTS (PVT) LTD 164,381,720 34.72%
ZADMAB (PVT) LTD 55,401,501 11.70%
MORGAN AND CO (PVT) LTD 47,513,755 10.04%
STANBIC NOMINEES (PVT) LTD 22,493,056 4.75%