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OK Zimbabwe Limited is a leading retail group in Zimbabwe with a product range of groceries, houseware products, clothing and textiles. The company trades under various branded store names, including OK stores, Bon Marché and OKMart. OK Zimbabwe sells products in its grocery range under its own home brand and Bon Marché Premier Choice labels.
Registered address

OK House, 7 Ramon Road, Box 3081, Graniteside, Harare

Contact number

(242) 757 311-9, 755 632


ZW 000 901 178 5

Fiscal Year End


Chief Executive

Maxen P. Karombo


Herbert Nkala





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ZiG cents +0.45 / +1.00%

4.44 - 58.63



Wednesday, 22nd May 2024

14.8 million

Year on Year (ZiG)

Wednesday, 22nd May 2024  E.O.D.

Sales ZiG cents 45.00
Value ZiG 675.00
Volume 1,500
Market cap ZiG 583,297,544
Shares issued 1,296,311,827

Financial statements ratios and analysis (* TTM)

P/E ratio 290.68
Div. yield 0.17%
EPS 0.15
P/B ratio 24.56
EV / EBITDA 74.73

ZWL 311.3 billion

Revenue for FY 2023
Profit After Tax


EBITDA Margin for FY 2023

All values in ZWL

 31 Mar 202331 Mar 202231 Mar 202131 Mar 202031 Mar 2019
Attributable PAT5,201,964,0008,131,858,0001,866,254,0002,000,388,000426,349,000
Shareholders funds59,347,675,00049,518,834,00012,224,145,0006,304,477,0001,390,799,000
Net interest bearing debt19,346,772,0009,060,597,000735,048,000(615,290,000)(244,968,000)
Cash on hand3,122,751,0002,117,558,0001,278,920,000615,290,000244,968,000
Interest bearing debt22,469,523,00011,178,155,0002,013,968,000--
Net current assets(5,028,650,000)2,580,642,0001,592,615,0001,553,101,000434,987,000
Chairman Herbert Nkala
Chief Executive Maxen P. Karombo
Company Secretary Margaret Munyuru
Transfer Secretary Corpserve Registrars (Pvt) Ltd (zw)
Maxen P. Karombo (Chief Executive Officer)
Phillimon Mushosho (Chief Finance Officer)
Herbert Nkala (Chairman)
Tawanda Lloyd Gumbo
Rufaro Audrey Maunze
Keresia Mtemererwa
Rose Mavima
Charl John Goncalves
Wonder Stan Nyabereka
Rutenhuro James Moyo
Andrew Stuart McLeod
Lyndsay Webster-Rozon
Simon Masanga

March 2023

Name Holding Percentage
Datvest Nominees Foreign 259,039,972 19.75%
NSSA - National Pension Scheme 187,000,045 14.26%
Stanbic Nominees (Pvt) Ltd 161,852,264 12.34%
Old Mutual Life Assurance Company Of Zimbabwe Limited 148,692,643 11.34%
Quant Africa Wealth Management 43,998,195 3.35%