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Seed Co International Limited is one of the leading certified seed companies authorized to market seed varieties developed by itself, government and other associated seed breeders in its markets. From years of intensive investment in R&D, the Company is involved in the breeding, multiplication and distribution of mainly hybrid seed varieties.
Registered address

Plot 70713, Unit 1, Phakalane, P.O. Box 47143, Gaborone, Botswana

Contact number

+267 3911830


BW 000000 2005

Fiscal Year End


Chief Executive

Morgan Nzwere


David E. B. Long





Half Year Results

Previous Year Release

Full Year End
Full Year Results

Previous Year Release

Half Year End


US cents +4.17 / +13.47%

28.00 - 40.00



Monday, 5th December 2022

1.3 million

Year on Year (US$)

Monday, 5th December 2022  E.O.D.

Sales US cents 35.12
Value US$ 12,847.60
Volume 36,582
Market cap US$ 138,249,112
Shares issued 393,647,814

Financial statements ratios and analysis

P/E ratio 19.51
Div. yield 0.00%
EPS 1.80
P/B ratio 1.45
EV / EBITDA 9.56

US$ 88.5 million

Revenue for Year Ending March 2022
Net Income


EBITDA Margin for Year Ending March 2022

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Title Type Published
Seed Co International (VFEX) anticipates lower EPS for the full half-year ended 30 September 2022CA, Earnings2022-11-21
Seed Co International (VFEX) - Results of AGM held on the 6th of September 2022CA2022-09-08
Seed Co International (VFEX) releases its 2022 Annual ReportCA, Earnings2022-08-18
Seed Co International (VFEX) - Notice of AGM to be held on the 6th of September 2022CA, AGM2022-08-12
Seed Co International (SCIL.vx) - Abridged Group Audited results FYE 31 March 2022CA, Earnings2022-07-01
Seed Co International (SCIL.vx) - Trading UpdateCA, Earnings2022-06-20
Seed Co International - Appointment of Tineyi Chatiza as Group Company SecretaryCA2022-02-08
Seed Co International - Retirement of Daniel Jacquemond from the BoardCA2022-02-02
Seed Co International - Appointment of Regis Fournier to the BoardCA2022-02-02
Seed Co International records 14% increase in maize seed sales volumes in H1 2022, EBITDA up 9.5%CA, Earnings2021-12-07
Seed Co International Limited (SCIL.vx) HY2022 financial results presentationCA, Earnings2021-12-01
Seed Co International Limited (SCIL.vx) Analyst Briefing to be held on Tuesday the 30th of November 2021CA2021-11-28
Seed Co International Limited (SCIL.vx) Trading Update for the half year ended 30 September 2021CA, Earnings2021-11-24
Seed Co International Limited results of an election to receive either a cash dividend or a scrip dividendCA2021-09-02
Seed Co International Third Notice - Reissued Dividend Currency Exchange Rate for Botswana register shareholdersCA2021-08-19
Seed Co International Limited seeks shareholder approval to buy-back up to 10% of its total stated share capitalCA, AGM, Share adjustments2021-08-12
Seed Co International Limited (SCIL.vx) Circular to Shareholders on Scrip DividendCA, Dividends, Share adjustments2021-07-26
Seed Co International Limited release of 2021 Annual reportCA, Earnings2021-07-15
Seed Co International achieves strong profitability in FY 2021, reports PAT of US$11.1mCA, Earnings2021-07-02
Seed Co International Limited | Releases its FY2021 financial resultsCA, Earnings2021-06-30
Seed Co International Limited notice of dividend declarationCA, Dividends2021-06-30
Seed Co International Limited (VFEX) FY 2021 Trading UpdateCA, Earnings2021-06-14
Seed Co International Limited notice of migration of electronic share register depositoryCA, Share adjustments2020-11-23
Seed Co International Shares - Restoration of full fungibility between the VFEX and the BSECA, Status2020-11-06
Seed Co International HY2020 turnover remains unchanged at $17.7mArticles, CA, Earnings2019-11-26
Seed Co International Limited director, Antoine Columbo, resignsCA2019-11-26
Seed Co International declares dividend of 0.33 USD cents per shareDividends2019-06-14
Seed Co International turnover down to $60.1m in FY'2019Analysis2019-06-13
Seed Co International's loss improves from $3.3m to $1.5m for Half Year 2019Analysis2019-03-15
Improved seed supply in East Africa to spur Seed Co International earnings in 2019Analysis2018-12-05

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Type Year Period Description Published
Interim report2023(Q2)2023 Interim report for the second quarter2022-11-21
Presentation2022(Q2)2022 Presentation2022-10-12
Annual report20222022 Annual report2022-08-18
Abridged results20222022 Abridged results2022-07-01
Interim report2022(Q4)2022 Interim report for the fourth quarter2022-06-20
Interim report2022(HY)2022 Interim report for the half year2021-12-07
Presentation2022(HY)2022 Presentation for the half year2021-11-30
Interim report2022(Q2)2022 Interim report for the second quarter2021-11-24
Interim report2021(Q4)2021 Interim report for the fourth quarter2021-10-12
errorgm-r(Q4)Seed Co International Limited (SCIL.vx) 2021 AGM Results2021-09-16
erroron-r(Q4)Results announcement in respect of an election to receive either a Cash Dividend or a Scrip Dividend2021-09-02
Presentation2021(Q4)Seed Co International 2021 AGM Trading Update Presentation2021-08-26
Circular2021(W07)Third Notice - Reissued Dividend Currency Exchange Rate for Botswana register Shareholders2021-08-19
Circular2021(W05)Seed Co International Limited (SCIL.vx) Proposed Share Buy-Back Circular2021-08-12
Circular2021(W06)Seed Co International Limited (SCIL.vx) Updated Notice of AGM2021-08-12
Circular2021(WQ2)SCIL: Scrip Dividend Circular2021-07-26
Annual report20212021 Annual report2021-07-15
Presentation20212021 Presentation2021-07-01
Abridged results20212021 Abridged results2021-06-30
Circular2022(W00)Abandonment of the Consolidation Transaction of SCL under SCIL and resumption of trading of SCL shares on the ZSE2021-06-16
Circular2021(W04)Results of the Offer by SCIL to SCL shareholders and Notice of Drag Along2021-03-04
Circular2021(W01)Restoration of full fungibility between the VFEX and the BSE2021-02-25
Circular2021(W02)Further Update: Irrevocable & Unconditional Acceptances regarding the Offer by Seed Co Int. Ltd to Seed Co Ltd shareholders2021-02-25
Circular2021(W03)Securing of 78.08% Offer Acceptance by SCIL from SCL shareholders2021-02-02
Circular2021(W00)SCIL acquires a control block in SCL2021-01-27
Interim report2021(HY)2021 Interim report for the half year2020-12-15
Interim report2021(Q2)2021 Interim report for the second quarter2020-12-14
Circular2020(W00)2020 Circular2020-12-09
Annual report20202020 Annual report2020-07-23
Abridged results20202020 Abridged results2020-06-29
Interim report2020(Q4)2020 Interim report for the fourth quarter2020-06-17
Interim report2020(HY)2020 Interim report for the half year2019-11-26
Annual report20192019 Annual report2019-07-24
Abridged results20192019 Abridged results2019-06-13
Presentation2019(HY)2019 Presentation for the half year2019-03-14
Interim report2019(HY)2019 Interim report for the half year2018-12-05
Prospectus2018(HY)2018 Prospectus2018-10-09

All values in US$

 31 Mar 202231 Mar 202131 Mar 202031 Mar 201931 Mar 2018
Attributable PAT7,100,00010,875,5836,195,3373,778,0304,488,446
Shareholders funds96,200,00082,742,74271,982,77482,033,74180,206,658
Net interest bearing debt23,100,00023,307,47729,157,62611,158,98512,777,743
Cash on hand19,900,0009,821,47611,028,55724,478,03316,413,398
Interest bearing debt43,000,00033,128,95340,186,18335,637,01829,191,141
Net current assets52,824,67236,358,50432,663,33546,316,46438,329,298
Chairman David E. B. Long
Chief Executive Morgan Nzwere
Company Secretary Tineyi Chatiza
Transfer Secretary Corpserve Registrars (Pvt) Ltd (zw)
Morgan Nzwere (Group Chief Executive Officer)
John Matorofa (Group Chief Finance Director)
David Edward Beaumont Long (Group Chairman)
Pearson Gowero(Group Deputy Chairman)
Chance Kabaghe
Fermin Azanza
Frederick Savin
Patrick Spadin
Andrew Barron
Kushatha Moswela
Remina C D Chitengu
Philippus Rudolph De Wet
Michael S Ndoro
Regis Fournier

March 2022

Name Holding Percentage
VILMORIN & CIE 127,399,703 32.36%
SEED CO LIMITED 108,172,208 27.48%
OLD MUTUAL ZIMBABWE 35,562,392 9.03%
STANBIC NOMINEES 19,879,513 5.05%