Seed Co Limited

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Seed Co Limited is the leading producer and marketer of certified crop seeds in Zimbabwe. The Seed Company has a dedicated research team; producing hybrid crop seeds and non-hybrid cereals and oil crop seed varieties that are suitable and adaptable for Zimbabwe’s ecological conditions. Seed Co Limited is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.
Registered address

1 Shamwari Road, Stapleford, Harare, Zimbabwe

Contact number

+263-242 882485/851962 +263 242 853054-6


ZW 000 901 150 4

Fiscal Year End


Group Chief Executive

Morgan Nzwere

Group Chairman

David E. B Long





Full Year End
Full Year Results

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Annual Report

Previous Year Release

Half Year End


ZWL cents -1,450.49 / -13.43%

5,700.00 - 25,100.81



Monday, 3rd October 2022

2.3 billion

Year on Year (ZWL)

Monday, 3rd October 2022  E.O.D.

Sales ZWL cents 9,350.00
Value ZWL 476,850.00
Volume 5,100
Market cap ZWL 23,113,447,308
Shares issued 247,202,645

Financial statements ratios and analysis

P/E ratio -36.18
Div. yield 0.00%
EPS -258.43
P/B ratio 1.79
EV / EBITDA 8.15

ZWL 9.3 billion

Revenue for Year Ending March 2022
Net Income


EBITDA Margin for Year Ending March 2022

All values in ZWL

 31 Mar 202231 Mar 202131 Mar 202031 Mar 201931 Mar 2018
Attributable PAT-650,527,3611,432,258,080-409,967,566690,897,36917,114,875
Shareholders funds12,903,475,88616,300,382,1437,995,389,5591,520,367,258185,716,806
Net interest bearing debt2,829,169,6632,999,759,010105,140,445-98,061,225-11,141,955
Cash on hand259,390,612923,354,218115,206,94998,061,22512,048,606
Interest bearing debt3,088,560,2753,923,113,228220,347,394 906,651
Net current assets5,779,847,4496,516,108,9252,438,746,113445,237,037145,254,563
Group Chairman David E. B Long
Group Chief Executive Morgan Nzwere
Company Secretary John Matorofa
Transfer Secretary Corpserve Registrars (Pvt) Ltd (zw)
Morgan Nzwere (Group Chief Executive)
John Matorofa (Group Finance Director)
D E B Long (Group Chairman)
P Gowero(Group Deputy Chairman)
R C D Chitengu
M S Ndoro
Dr D Garwe
Regis Fournier
P Spadin
F Savin

February 2022

Name Holding Percentage
Vilmorin & B CIE C/O Stanbic Nominees 160063870001 72,098,086 29.11%
Stanbic Nominees 34,531,873 13.94%
NSSA - National Pension Scheme 22,813,534 9.21%
Old Mutual Life Ass Co Zim Ltd 22,706,611 9.17%
Mining Industry Pension Fund 7,007,401 2.83%