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Type Year Period Description Published
Interim report2021(Q1)2021 Interim report for the first quarter2021-05-18
Abridged results2020(Q1)2020 Abridged results2021-05-05
Interim report2020(Q3)2020 Interim report for the third quarter2020-11-11
Interim report2020(HY)2020 Interim report for the half year2020-09-08
Annual report20192019 Annual report2020-06-15
Interim report2020(Q1)2020 Interim report for the first quarter2020-05-15
Abridged results2019(Q1)2019 Abridged results2020-04-22
Interim report2019(Q3)2019 Interim report for the third quarter2019-09-07
Interim report2019(HY)2019 Interim report for the half year2019-09-06
Annual report20182018 Annual report2018-11-18
Abridged results20182018 Abridged results2018-11-16
Interim report2018(HY)2018 Interim report for the half year2018-11-15
Presentation2018(HY)2018 Presentation for the half year2018-11-14
Abridged results2017(HY)2017 Abridged results2017-03-16
Abridged results2016(HY)2016 Abridged results2017-03-15
Interim report2016(HY)2016 Interim report for the half year2016-08-18
Annual report20162016 Annual report2016-01-01
Abridged results20152015 Abridged results2015-03-30
Annual report20152015 Annual report2015-01-01
Presentation20152015 Presentation2015-01-01
Interim report2015(HY)2015 Interim report for the half year2015-01-01
Interim report2014(HY)2014 Interim report for the half year2014-01-01
Annual report20142014 Annual report2014-01-01
Presentation2014(HY)2014 Presentation for the half year2014-01-01
Abridged results2014(HY)2014 Abridged results2014-01-01
Presentation2013(HY)2013 Presentation2013-01-01
Interim report2013(HY)2013 Interim report for the half year2013-01-01
Abridged results2013(HY)2013 Abridged results2013-01-01
Presentation2013(HY)2013 Presentation for the half year2013-01-01
Annual report20132013 Annual report2013-01-01
Presentation2012(HY)2012 Presentation for the half year2012-01-01
Annual report20122012 Annual report2012-01-01
Abridged results20122012 Abridged results2012-01-01
Interim report2012(HY)2012 Interim report for the half year2012-01-01
Annual report20112011 Annual report2011-01-01
Presentation20112011 Presentation2011-01-01
Interim report2011(HY)2011 Interim report for the half year2011-01-01
Presentation2011(HY)2011 Presentation for the half year2011-01-01
Abridged results2011(HY)2011 Abridged results2011-01-01
Annual report20102010 Annual report2010-01-01
Presentation2010(HY)2010 Presentation for the half year2010-01-01
Presentation2010(HY)2010 Presentation2010-01-01
Abridged results2010(HY)2010 Abridged results2010-01-01
Annual report20092009 Annual report2009-01-01
Abridged results20092009 Abridged results2009-01-01
Interim report2009(HY)2009 Interim report for the half year2009-01-01
Annual report20082008 Annual report2008-01-01
Annual report20072007 Annual report2007-01-01
Annual report20062006 Annual report2006-01-01
Annual report20052005 Annual report2005-01-01