Willdale Limited

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Willdale Limited manufactures and markets a range of clay brick products for the Zimbabwe building and construction sector. Its clay brick range includes face brick, semi-face brick, common brick and paving bricks for walkways, patios, swimming pool surrounds and garden landscaping. The bricks are either manufactured with a rustic, smooth or brushed finish. Willdale Limited has a range which includes economy plaster, special ground solutions and decorative building products which include window sills, faggots and klompies. The company was listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in 2003 after a demerger from Mashonaland Holdings Limited and is the only brick company listed on the ZSE.
Registered address

Box MR93, Marlborough, Harare

Contact number

+263 242-308 062


ZW 000 901 185 0

Fiscal Year End


Chief Executive

N. Matonda


W. Chidziwo






ZWL(c) -1.09 / -0.34%

38.65 - 461.47



Thursday, 27th January 2022

42 million

Year on Year (ZWL)

Thursday, 27th January 2022  E.O.D.

Sales ZWL(c) 321.64
Value ZWL 417,167.08
Volume 129,700
Market cap ZWL 5,718,763,793
Shares issued 1,778,001,428

Financial statements ratios and analysis

P/E ratio 4,594.86
Div. yield 0.42%
EPS 0.07
P/B ratio 3.99
EV / EBITDA 148.52

ZWL 596.6 million

Revenue for Year Ending September 2020
Net Income


EBITDA Margin for Year Ending September 2020

All values in ZWL Dollars

  30 Sep 2030 Sep 1930 Sep 1830 Sep 1730 Sep 16
Revenue 596,550,679499,315,55460,728,7099,683,2807,761,998
Attributable PAT 1,235,820303,933,7685,027,672304,90632,125

All values in ZWL Dollars

  30 Sep 2030 Sep 1930 Sep 1830 Sep 1730 Sep 16
Shareholders funds 1,433,038,4741,074,242,76665,439,02113,507,79513,202,889
Net interest bearing debt -56,953,966-33,059,00611,552,5756,296,7716,843,682
cash on hand 57,283,03733,388,07716,683,663803,99768,591
Interest bearing debt 329,071329,07128,236,2387,100,7686,912,273
Net current assets 110,005,053139,703,4451,673,8043,052,744121,563
Chairman W. Chidziwo
Chief Executive N. Matonda
Company Secretary M. Munginga
Transfer Secretary First Transfer Secretaries (Pvt) Ltd (zw)
N. Matonda (Chief Executive)
M. Munginga (Finance Director)
W. Chidziwo
B. K. Mataruka
Y. Dawson
U. Duske
C. Makoni
G. Machingambi

September 2020

Name Holding Percentage
Dahaw Trading (Private) Limited 703,274,220 39.55%
Ranus Investments (Private) Limited 402,617,371 22.64%
Old Mutual Life Assurance Company Of Zimbabwe Limited 273,077,567 15.36%
Mega Market (Private) Limited 62,481,725 3.52%
Nyaradzo Life Assurance Comp 44,130,689 2.48%